who is ananda and what did she come for ...

who is ananda and what did she come for ...

Maybe sometimes you need a wise companion to hold your hand, to inspire you, to guide you… Well, she is right in front of you. Her name is Ananda. Trust her and follow her on the path of awareness. It will take you to the meaning of your name – namely the opportunity to live in a world built by the shared feeling of lightness and deep bliss.

Ananda’s mission is to celebrate with you the positives of a proper lifestyle and thus bring you closer to the dream of well-being, which the strong connection with nature and others provides. Holistic health products and services strengthen this connection, and their purchase makes them a proud ambassador of one of its causes. Each year, Ananda’s team will provide moral and financial support to 3 promising organizations working to promote the following topics in society: mental health, ecology and biodiversity, as well as human rights and social inclusion.

For each order Ananda will donate 1 lev to one of her causes.

Everyone who buys a product or service from Ananda will also receive a donation certificate. With it we want to thank everyone with a sense of empathy and responsibility.

Besides being wise and supportive, Ananda is also very determined. She is ready to do anything to achieve her mission, referring to her values:






I think we convinced you that Ananda is much more than just another online store. Ananda is a spirituality that is worth experiencing. Become Ananda’s supporter and receive

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