mental health

What is well-being for you? For us, it is expressed in several main things, one of which – good care for our mental health. To believe in your abilities, to be able to set healthy boundaries in your relations with the outside world, to regularly do “spring cleaning” of your outdated patterns of behavior. In short – to feel good in your skin while following the direction set by your heart. When we take care of our mental health, we open more space for creativity, authenticity and connection. We allow freedom, joy and unconditional love to invade our world. We rejoice from the heart of the adventure called life. But most of all – we feel whole. This wholeness brings together each of Ananda’s values ​​- inspiration, vitality, self-confidence and worldliness, dreaminess, bliss. Ananda’s store will help you build that deep sense of well-being. The products and services in the store support our mission of universal well-being, unification and care for ourselves and others. You will soon find out which is the organization behind which Ananda will stand in the category of mental health!

Ecology and biodiversity

Mother nature gives us health, freedom, fills our lives with meaning. To take care of its purity also means to take care of ourselves, our loved ones, the world around us. Unfortunately, nowadays we often turn our backs on her, focusing only on the material goods we receive from her. We give our love and attention to them for free, truly underestimating the life-giving power of our Mother. We all know the negative consequences of this, we observe them almost every day…

За да се погрижим за природата и нейните обитатели, не е нужно много. Можем да им се отблагодарим, като им осигурим защитена среда, подходяща за спокоен и щастлив живот. Но не мислиш, че нашата Майка ще ни позволи да направим за нея повече, отколкото тя за нас, нали? Грижейки се за животните и техния дом, ние участваме в изграждането на една по-добра среда за всички обитатели на Земята, включително и за хората. Заслужава си!

Human rights and social inclusion

Ananda believes in the right to a dignified life and the possibility of realized potential. It is important for her to support the more vulnerable on a daily basis and to encourage them to believe in their abilities. To give them the full range of skills we have so that they can enjoy justice and equality. In fact, so that we can all enjoy justice and equality. One of the necessary ingredients in Ananda’s recipe for well-being is dreaminess. Her dream is to live in a society full of kindness and dedication. Its mission is to give everyone an equal chance. Everyone deserves the opportunity and access to quality education, healthcare and a job. There are no losers from this. It was from these thoughts that the idea was born to support a cause of exceptional social significance. We wholeheartedly dream of living in a society without inequalities, built on mutual care and love. Will you join?

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